Setting course for a flourishing future? The Sustainability Cards can help you collaborate to find your shared destination.

Antony Upward, Sustainability Business Architect

"Why Sustainability Cards facilitate the dialogue about the future we want": the website of Sustainability Television has published a detailled blog post about the Sustainability Cards and some use cases. -> Link

18 Cards

The card deck is free and contains 18 cards: 13 cards describing sustainability criteria and drivers. 4 joker cards describing the scientific background and one card containing tips about how to play the game.

Easy Interaction

Sustainability Cards are part of the smartphone app Sustainability Compass. They have two intentions:

- to inspire learning at schools or other educational institutions

- to facilitate discussions and decision-making of groups in business or volunteer work who aim to create more meaningful impact.

Order via the menu of Sustainability Compass App

When you download the smartphone app you can order the card deck through the additional menu in the app - it's for free! The cards come as pdf. which has to be printed out double-sided.