How to use the Sustainability Cards?

First you have to download the Sustainability Compass smartphone app - it works with iOS and Android. Then you can download the pdf. file with the cards for free. Print it out double-sided and cut out the cards: you are ready to go!
Ideas of usage: These are some ideas we know and that went well. But obviously your ideas will be fruitful and more precisely adjusted to the exact situation you are/will be in!


At home

Your familiy have to take a decision, an important one, and everybody agrees to use smarter thinking in order to get to a meaningful result.

1. Just lay the cards on a table and start studying them.

2. Everybody selects a card and explains why it is so important to her/him and why this criteria should be met when taking the decision. Everybody has its say.

3. Then you try to fix the four most important criteria which you'd like to meet with your decision, project, etc..

4. Now develop ideas, listen to proposals about what acutally can be done.

5. Select the ones that you like and that make you feel proud. Act smarter now!


In your association of volunteers

1. Form groups of 3 people and let them tell stories why it is important to lead a sustainable life and to care for the future.

2. After that write down the sustainability criteria on a flipchart and maybe there will be some more or different ones!

3. Let all the members just give a quote: How important is this for our project (1=unimportant, 10=very important)? Try to find out the communalities and therefore the energy that will move you as a group.

4. Decide on what you would want to do as concrete steps and actions.


Among friends and other people who love mindgames

1. Select randomly a card and tell a movie story: How would a movie look like having a title like "We dont' care about . . .(insert here the title of your card)"? How would the story unfold, what would happen to you, your community, your country, etc.?

2. Now the other way round. Again select a card and describe a movie with the title "We very much care about . . .". Just let the stories pass by. Be impressed, receive inspiration.


At your office

For instance when you are in a group that has to start a project this might be interesting for a kick-off. Ask your team whether they are interested to create sustainability goals and introduce a set of sustainability actions in the project plan. Almost certainly they would want to do that!

1. Discuss every of the criteria described in the Sustainabilty Card set, add other ones, maybe exclude something that doesn't matter.

2. Now every team member distributes four coloured sticky dots to the criteria he/she considers the important ones.

3. Define the four sustainability goals based on this selection.

4. Now every team member receives the task to discuss the criteria with others and to present its findings and ideas of how to achieve the goal at the next project meeting.


At the innovation lab

1. Define the vision of your innovation/change. How should the final result look like?

2. Then select randomly a card and tell this story: How would the result change while implementing this criteria - what additional ideas, actions would we invent to meet the criteria?

3. Repeat this with the other cards and decide: What is the best we have discovered through this exercise?